Would you also like to offer children the opportunity to attend a school under the standards we know? Then you have come to the right place. With our association, we support this in Bagam/Cameroon.

Our first project is the restoration of a primary school in Mevobo.

February 2024: Official inauguration of the well

The school well was officially inaugurated during a small ceremony. Madame Liliane (us) received a bouquet of flowers on her behalf.

A plaque with the name of the association was also placed on the well.

June 2023: Well construction

Monday, June 12th: Start of drilling for the well: The construction work will take about 1 week, depending on the weather (it is the rainy season). Under the curious eyes of the inhabitants, the construction workers give their all so that clean drinking water will soon be available.

After drilling, the wall slowly but surely grows around the well. In the end, the pump was installed and the first drinking water was obtained.

May 2023: Current condition

current condition
current condition
current condition
current condition

May 2023: Geophysical study

At the beginning of May, a geophysical survey was carried out at our request by our project manager, Mr Brice Monfré, and two engineers. Extract from the study:

These studies are motivated by the fact that the near subsoil of the western region in general, and MBOUDA in particular, consists of consolidated volcanic rocks covered by a large lateritic mantle.
These rocks are virtually impermeable in a healthy state and it is in their alteration products or in fissured or fractured zones that exploitable groundwater deposits can be found. The identification of these faulted

Geophysical study
Geophysical study

structures (essentially random and discontinuous structures) requires a combination of prospecting techniques.
The aim of our mission was to find a zone where the alteration-fracture couple of the host rock is sufficiently developed to favour the accumulation and circulation of large quantities of groundwater.
At the end of the various field investigations, a potential groundwater circulation axis was identified. The location of the future borehole was chosen on the basis of both its accessibility to the borehole workshop and its hydrological potential.

2022: Start-up at Mevobo

Topographical study

In March 2022, a team consisting of a topographer, an architect, two civil engineers and a civil engineering student travelled to the village to measure, calculate, check the stability of the soil, draw, record and mark the boundaries of the site in the presence of the school's management, the parents' association and the village administration. The result is impressive, with numerous 3D drawings showing the planned new school complex. Thanks to these drawings, we've already received three offers and know the budget for the whole project.

Thank you very much, guys, for a great job and, above all, for your tireless cooperation!

Topographical study
Topographical study

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