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The first project we are tackling is the primary school in Mevobo, a district of Bagam. This school was founded by the state in the 1960s and currently consists of 2.5 buildings with a total of 6 classrooms. The school buildings are in a desolate state: the roofs are leaking and the capacity is insufficient for the number of pupils. Some of the classrooms are no longer in use because they are completely dilapidated. In 2015, the PTA started building a new school building, but was unable to complete it due to lack of funds. The unfinished building still stands on the site and is slowly being reclaimed by nature.


The school was divided into two groups by Ministerial Decree No. 263/17 of 2017. Each group has six classes, from the first class (called "Sil" in Cameroon) to the sixth class (Cours Moyen II). The two groups are taught alternately in the same classrooms: one group in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
Group I consists of 1 headmaster, 5 teachers and 180 students. Group II consists of 1 headmaster, 5 teachers and 242 students. A total of 422 pupils were thus taught in 2021/22. In the school year 2023, 51 out of 58 pupils managed to finish primary school. For the school year 2023/2024, 436 pupils are enrolled.


See recent impressions of the school:

The following is planned with the project:

• construction of a new building with four classrooms
• completion of the 2 classroom building started by the PTA
• an administration block with 2 headmaster's offices and a staff room
• a total of 10 toilets (8 for the pupils and 2 for the staff)
• a drinking water system (June 2023, completed)


The association already has construction plans and cost estimates for this project. The total cost is approximately 130 TEUR (as of 08/2023).

The aim is to complete the project in stages through donations, 100% of which will go towards the project. Following the construction and commissioning of the well, our next goal is to complete the currently unfinished building on the school site.

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